Radiation, week 4 completed ✅

Just finished the fourth week of radiation.  I’m still feeling really well.  This week I started having a rash and some itching but with the special cream the doctor gave it calmed down after a couple of days.  Very thankful to be feeling so well.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

Radiation, week 1

From Angie: Radiation went well so far, 3 days completed so far.  Also met with oncologist yesterday and he said we will probably begin chemo pill mid-December.  Continue to pray for Jim, that his back will heal soon.  Very thankful that I am feeling strong and able to drive myself to radiation.  Special thanks to Julie for driving yesterday and doing a grocery run.  Please pray for continued strength and successful treatment.

New Updates

Decided to do the radiation.  My first treatment will be on the 29th of September and continue through November 12th. Treatments are five days a week, Monday-Friday.  After radiation there will be a break for healing.  Tentative schedule for reconstruction surgery would be February.  The chemo pill will also be a part of the treatment but where it will fit into the plan is unsure.  I meet again with the oncologist on the 29th of September. Please pray for continued healing and wisdom for the team of doctors.  I do have peace about the decision to do radiation, please pray for God’s continued peace.  Thanks to all of you that continue to walk this journey with me, your prayers and support mean so very much.

Future Decisions

Angie is continuing to heal well post-surgery even though the recovery is slow--we are thankful for making small steps in the right direction. This week we met with the oncologist and radiation oncologist. The oncologist shared he would like to begin a chemo pill after she heals and recovers post-surgery and radiation. The radiation oncologist explained her tumor size was 4.5 cm and showed no cancer in the lymph node biopsied. If there is cancer shown in lymph nodes and/or the tumor is greater than 5cm--radiation is proposed. Typically, this would suggest she does not need radiation; however, because TNBC (triple negative breast cancer) is challenging to treat, aggressive, and has a high chance of return---he feels radiation would still be a good choice. Unfortunately, we left discouraged and confused. There is little research and answers within this process and because the tumor did not respond to the chemo regime--it has been making decisions a challenge. Radiation would begin a few

Pathology Results

Angie found out the results of the pathology report at her appointment and it was good news! There was no cancer found in the lymph nodes and no other surprises in the tumor removal--clean margins! While there is no such thing as 'cancer free' this feels like great news to celebrate!  She was able to get her drains removed and the bandages removed because her healing is going so well. She is still a bit uncomfortable trying to sleep through the night but she's getting rest and taking it one day at a time. After a few weeks of healing, we assume she will meet with the radiation oncologist again to determine what radiation treatment will look like in light of the latest developments post-surgery.  Thank you again for the prayers and support! We are so thankful! 

Post-Surgery Visit

Angie visited the surgeon today and everything is healing well so far! We are all thankful for good reports post-surgery. She was experiencing a little discomfort/tightness with the bandaging and he was able to adjust that today in the office. She is still very limited in movements as she heals. She has 2 drains and will continue to have these tubes/drains for the next week or more. She is looking forward to being untethered soon.  The surgeon reported encouraging remarks about her tumor removal and how clear it was to know exactly what to do during the procedure to get clear removal (thank you, God!). He said she looks awesome. We are still waiting on pathology report findings. Angie is already transitioned to over-the-counter pain meds since she dislikes the heavy hitters. The doctor and nurse both commented on how incredibly tough and strong she is--but we already knew that!  Angie's sweet spirit but fierce battle stance has been remarkable to witness. She is an incredible fight

Surgery Completed

Angie has just finished surgery (approximately 1pm). Everything went well and she can go home tonight to recover. She will need to take antibiotics and lots of rest to recover. We hope to hear pathology reports from the cancer tumor and lymph node removal next week. Please pray for her discomfort and healing going forward. Pray for no infections or complications. This has been exhausting few weeks. We are hoping for some good rest and peace ahead. Thank you all for all the love, prayers, encouragement, and support. We are truly grateful for each one of you.  All the love, Julie